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Intelligence bars relocation of 9 refugees amid security threat

Lithuania’s intelligence agencies have barred relocation of nine refugees under the European Union (EU) program after establishing that their presence in the country would jeopardize national security, the State Security Department said. […]

German PzH2000 shooting for the first time in Lithuania

Lithuanian national security – what awaits in the future

Processes proceeding far from Lithuania and right by its borders lead to the conclusion that challenges to national security have not disappeared. Today it is hard to predict how things will proceed thus national defence is one of the priorities of national security policy. […]


Russian intentions to invest in Lithuanian company trigger national security concerns

After talks emerged about the Russian chemical company EuroChem Group entertaining plans to invest in Lithuania’s Achema Group, Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė said that any investor would have to go through scrutiny and meet strict national security criteria. Achema Group is the owner of fertilizer manufacturer Achema, one of the biggest companies in the country which is included in the list of enterprises with relevance to Lithuania’s national security. […]