New lab at Vilnius University expected to deal with artificial intelligence in future

Faculty of Physics of Vilnius University
A.Didžgalvio nuotr.

The new laboratory opens up more opportunities for students to learn the latest information and technologies, to create innovative development projects, which could turn into effective business plans in the future, Vilnius University said.

Modern laboratory is equipped with modern telecommunications equipment. The first lab equipment has already been presented to VU by two private companies, UAB WILIBOX and telecommunications company Tele2, earlier.

Students have already developed a prototype of smart home at the M2M laboratory and successfully introduced its first product during the exhibition Studio 2014. Toy cars were also constructed there armed with video cameras and operated by mobile phone with possibilities to transfer image to a tablet.

Intelligent cars and houses – it is just the first examples of the application of M2M technology, born in this laboratory. Addressing the issues of artificial intelligence is a challenge for future, Vilnius University said.

M2M solutions are at present used in automobiles, electric meters, elevators, security systems and other devices.

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