One in six residents have never been outside Lithuania

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A survey showed that one in six Lithuanian residents have never been abroad. In terms of residents that have never stepped outside their homeland, Lithuania is way ahead of Latvia and Estonia. According to the most recent data, nearly one in eight residents of Latvia and Estonia have never visited another state.

These were the findings of a representative survey conducted in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia by AC Nielsen Baltics, a market research company commissioned by Gjensidige.


‘Nowadays, when travelling to other countries is so convenient and simple, just like going to another city in Lithuania, the number of people who have never travelled abroad is surprisingly large. Numbers show that nearly a quarter of rural residents and nearly a fifth of residents of smaller towns and suburbs have never travelled beyond Lithuania’s state borders. It is quite likely that this kind of behaviour in Lithuanians is determined not by financial considerations, but rather their sedentary lifestyle, poor foreign language skills or an unwillingness to face a new and unfamiliar environment’, says Viktorija Katilienė, head of the Gjensidige Claims Department for the Baltics, Gjensidige stated in a press release.

According to the study data, young people under 19 represent the largest share (as many as 36 percents) of those who have never left their homeland. Nearly one-fifth of Lithuanian residents aged 35-44 have never visited a foreign state, with 17 percent of residents in the 55-64-year-old age range.


‘Young people will still have ample opportunities to travel the world, but a large number of middle-aged people who have never been abroad being something to be concerned about. That is an active period of life, when people have already acquired their housing, have cars, raise children and pursue a career. Their choice not to travel to foreign countries is most probably shaped by personal preference, a willingness to travel within Lithuania, and thus learn more about our country’.

Travelling but still not enough

Viktorija Katilienė noted that the majority of Lithuanian residents travel and visit other countries, and 39 percent of visitors to foreign states in all cases acquire travel insurance.


According to the representative of the insurance company, travel insurance is most often obtained by persons aged 45-54. ‘Nearly half of the persons in this age category take care of their safety and always acquire insurance. Young people aged 20-24 tend to set off without any travel insurance, despite being the category most likely to suffer injuries, bruises or other ailments related to active leisure’, says Katilienė.

The claim expert noted that when travelling abroad, people most often chose medical expenses insurance. ‘They take care of the basics – insurance to compensate expenses in the case of a need to get medical assistance, purchase medicines, or return home. We highly recommend never leaving your own country without insurance. Even if you are only travelling to a neighbouring country for the weekend, anything may happen – you may get a cold, suffer from acute food poisoning or toothache. Let alone any lengthy holiday to exotic states’, says the claim expert.


Katilienė also mentioned that frequent travellers often purchase accident insurance. ‘Accident insurance becomes extremely helpful if you get injured and decide to continue treatment at home. You will be able to use the insurance indemnity for rehabilitation or health promotion measures. For instance, having slipped on a wet floor near a swimming pool, you get a sprained ankle. The medical costs insurance will compensate for the expenses for first aid or medicines. If you additionally took out accident insurance, when returning home you will receive a benefit that you can use for further rehabilitation’, says V. Katilinė.

Commissioned by Gjensidige, AC Nielsen Baltics polling company carried out a representative survey by interviewing 4,800 Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian residents.

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