Opposition MP says state protection of Lithuanian language should not discourage learning English

Kubilius said that the protection of the state language should not be irrational. Signboards in the English language should not be regarded as a threat to the Lithuanian language. Moreover, concern over the state language should not take away opportunities to learn foreign languages – English above all. The MP would like to eliminate ambiguity from the law and provide for broadcasting films or TV shows in English with Lithuanian subtitles rather than dubbed.

Kubilius hopes that one day not only the Lithuanian language will be safeguarded effectively and rationally, but that foreign investors will be allowed to address state or municipal institutions in English.

“If we want Lithuanians not only to talk and write in correct Lithuanian, but also to live here and have good jobs, then we must take care of those jobs. The protection of language must not become an obstacle for the creation of well-paid jobs in Lithuania, regardless of who does it, Lithuanians or foreign businesspeople,” Kubilius said.

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