Optimal Lithuania-based startups that are going to make it big in 2021

At a start up office. By Annie Spratt from Unsplash

Start-up culture is one of the leading factors that improve the quality of living of people in society. While the growing number of startups in countries like America and the UK is common, nobody considers the same coming from Lithuania. But that is where the problem lies. Startups are spread across multiple countries, so it isn’t surprising that Lithuania is also evolving above all odds.

From local warehouse startups to the leading IT startups, Lithuania is evolving over the years.

  • Kevin

The first option in the list of the leading startups is Kevin. It is a popular fintech startup that was founded back in 2017 and provides users with leading secure payment options. It is ideal for businesses who want to accept secure modes of payments without any issues. It also makes the payment processes a lot more seamless and convenient for the users. The company is currently expanding and employs a team of over 40 people. The startup has also received premium funding worth €1.8 million so far.

  • Ligence

In European countries, getting an ultrasound takes around 5 weeks. The main purpose behind Ligence is to shorten that duration by 2 weeks. It was founded back in 2019 and develops software that helps automate the analysis of heart ultrasounds without any issues. It helps draw out the functionality of the heart and the anatomical features from the separate ultrasound images. It enhances the overall accuracy and reduces the examination time drastically. 

  • Ooniq

Another leading startup in Lithuania worth looking into is Ooniq, which is a popular P2P insurance company that improves the overall usage of the sharing economy. It was one of the very first insurance startups approved by the Centra Bank of Lithuania. It is gradually transforming the facet of the global insurance industry and with all the right techniques.

  • Discontract

With the growing popularity of remote working in 2020, it is not surprising that people are becoming more reliant on remote working. Discontract enables people to start working remotely without any challenges. It has an objective to promote remote working further, making it a mainstream option. It comes with accessory features like peer to peer payments, multi-channel communication, and loyalty programs.

  • Viezo

Initiated in 2018, it is a unique startup working towards developing vibration energy for the harvesting technology. It includes self-sustainable sensors that promote the functions of several industries including oil, gas, mining, and even transportation. The startup is still a work in progress that is working on the vibration energy harvester along with a new product called the self-sustainable sensor. The new products are likely going to be launched soon.

The startup culture is currently shaping the future of Lithuania and is further going to propel the country in the right direction. If you have been looking for some groundbreaking startups that are going to take 2021 by storm, these are some of the startups that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. 

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