Over half of incoming post items to Lithuania come from China

“The number of items sent from China is rapidly growing. Last year, 27 percent of international items had Chinese origin, and this year (third quarter) the result is 51 percent. The main reason for this is e-commerce with China’s e-trade market taking one of the leading positions in the world,” head of Postal Operations Division Rasa Radzevičienė said.

The most popular countries in terms of incoming international items are Poland, Germany, the USA, and Latvia.

A total of 19 percent of outgoing international items were destined to Russia within Q3 of the current year.

According to Radzevičienė, the increase in the number of items destined to Russian was mainly determined by cooperation between Lithuania Post and its partners in China. Lithuania is a transit country, and Lithuania Post ensures delivery of Chinese items to the EU member states as well as Russia, Belarus, and other countries.

Apart from Russia, other popular destination countries are Great Britain, Germany, the USA, and Latvia.

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