PM explains confusion about Lithuania’s defence funding in 2015

Algirdas Butkevičius
DELFI / Tomas Vinickas

Lithuania next year will increase its defence funding: in 2015, the Ministry of National Defence will get LTL 1.44 billion (EUR 417.39 million) or around 1.1 percent of the country’s GDP. Meanwhile, a statement by the president press service last week said that total defence spending in 2015 will account for 1.3 percent of the GDP, as this amount also includes funding of some institutions of the interior system, which, in the wartime, would be considered part of the armed forces.

The prime minister said that additional LTL 400 million (EUR 115.9 million) intended for the Defence Ministry’s funding will not be used to fund institutions under the Interior Ministry if NATO standards do not provide for that.


“This year, we increased (financing – Elta) by LTL 130 million (EUR 37.7 million), next year it will grow by LTL 400 million (EUR 115.9 million). Not a cent from this money will be used elsewhere if it is not related to national defence and security. If we decide to fund, for example, the police system, it must be in line with relevant NATO standards,” the PM said to LNK news service on Tuesday.

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