PM: Lithuania will probably have to take in more refugees

Algirdas Butkevičius nuotr.

“I think the designated number of those migrants for Lithuania might be increased but I cannot say what that number will be today as it is too early to say,” the prime minister told the Lietuvos Rytas TV channel.

During the EU negotiation in July, Lithuania agreed to accept 325 refugees, including 255 from Italy and Greece and 70 from Turkey. But as the inflow of refugees to the EU continues to grow, the European Commission has suggested redistributing 160,000 more asylum seekers among EU members.

According to Butkevičius, Lithuania is in favour of solidarity, adding, however, that a country’s capabilities must also be taken into account.

“We will act in solidarity but, first of all, the level of development of every EU member state should be taken into account as well as the fact that Lithuania is receiving people from Ukraine. We are providing medical treatment for them here as well as rehabilitation. So I think certain concessions should be made to Lithuania when calculating that number,” he said.

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