Poland’s outgoing president presents a gift to Lithuania

Bronislaw Komorowski

“It is a set of maps, mansion plans or their copies,” Minijus Samuila, the second secretary of the Lithuanian Embassy to Poland, told BNS on Monday.

In his words, among the documents are a photograph of Komorowski’s great grandparents and ads of the confectionery that used to operate in the Kovališkis Mansion near Rokiškis.


Komorowski also presented Lithuania with drawings by graphic artist Jozef Perkowski who used to live in western Lithuania.

Komorowski’s parents Zygmunt Leon Komorowski and Jadwiga Komorowska come from central Lithuania. The Polish president’s monograph published in Warsaw in 2005 features a photograph of his grandfather Juliusz Komorowski sitting on a terrace of the mansion.


Earlier this year, Komorowski lost the presidential elections to opposition candidate Andrzej Duda who was inaugurated last week.

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