Polish GROM air-defence system arrives in Lithuania

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Defence Minister Juozas Olekas said the system will reinforce the protection of Lithuanian army units and objects against airborne attacks.

The contract on the purchase of short-range portable air-defence systems GROM for the Lithuanian Armed Forces was signed between the Defence Ministry and a Polish company, MESKO S.A., in September.

Under the contract, the Lithuanian army is purchasing system launch equipment, missiles, system maintenance gear, field training units, simulators and a logistic package estimated at a total of 117.5 million litas (EUR 34m).

The GROM system is being purchased for the additional 130 million litas planned in advance and earmarked for the defence system this year. The project should be completed by 2021.

The GROM system can be used in small tactical units that operate separately or at a longer distance from larger units.

This will be the third type of missile air-defence munitions provided to the Lithuanian Army, in addition to the Stinger and RBS-70 systems already available in Lithuania.

In early December, a few Lithuanian troops went to a training base in Poland for a week-long training of operating the system. They will later share their knowledge with the soldiers who will directly operate the air-defence system.

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