Let’s celebrate – the president was fortunate

Presidential Palace in Vilnius
Presidential Palace of the President of Lithuania @ Ruslanas Iržikevičius / the Lithuania Tribune

Was it the first round of presidential elections that was held in Lithuania or was it some natural disaster, which was a hair’s breadth away from massive, even catastrophic losses, Vytautas Bruveris asks in lrytas.lt

Or perhaps some lottery was held, whose result may have been positive, but depended purely on luck?


Namely these questions arose after President D. Grybauskaitė came to the ballot boxes yesterday and, as usual, voting in advance, made a slew of comments.

No, this time she did not support either candidate. However, her musings are no less interesting because of it.


Because the president declared that “all of us in Lithuania were very fortunate” that in the second round there are two excellent candidates, who are most worthy of being there. Just this glimpse already brings a headache.

What does it mean that we “were very fortunate?” If the people vote in any way, they elect someone.

What is ‘Fortunate’

In other terms, “fortune” depends purely on themselves.

However, here it is probably not the president misspeaking or an unfortunate combination of words.


It has long been proven that behind anyone’s mysterious or somewhat unsuccessful phrase actually lies what is in the speaker’s head and heart.

Thus, D. Grybauskaitė simply could not restrain her satisfaction that the second round does not feature a candidate from her despised “Farmers”, Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis and afterward – the other six too.


At the same time, the president near openly admitted that the same “Farmers” were right in their own way by saying that both I. Šimonytė and G. Nausėda are figures backed by her just because due to them both, S. Skvernelis did not reach the second round.

Whoever wins now, likely does not matter to D. Grybauskaitė.


By the way, it is becoming a sort of rule – the head of state, who is nearing the end of her term, is usually the most talkative right after voting.

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