Prof Landsbergis: humanity is “becoming more devilish” and Europe of nations is “turning into a Eurasia of man-eaters”

Prof Lansbergis delivering his tradition February 16 Speech at Signatarų Namai. Photo Danisevičius

Professor Vytautas Landsbergis, the Chairman of the Speaker of the Reconstituted Seimas, said at the commemoration of February 16th that humanity is “becoming more and more devilish” and that the Europe of nations is “turning into the Eurasia of the ogres”.

“My concerns are the same: Lithuania and the world. Lithuania is a country where rivers flow, and birds speak lovingly to each other. Where the hawk sees from high above, mountains upon mountains upon mountains, two tractor brothers speak Lithuanian to the birds as they burp. Through the people Lithuania is. Lithuania is people.

Prof Lansbergis delivering his traditional February 16 Speech at Signatarų Namai. Photo V. Ščiavinskis

And what about Europe? A brief observation: humanity is becoming more and more devilish. The Europe of nations is slipping into the Eurasia of man-eaters. That is what the new Führer tries to call his goal, the goal of the Russian world, to become dominant. And how is humanity slipping out of that devilry? How do we stop aggressive Russian fascism? Stop the ogres’ war against the people, the destruction of their cities and the total slaughter, even for their amusement. How to stop the ogres from continuing to participate in international people’s organisations, which they water with a slurry of lies? Killing, according to them, is inevitable because the presence of free people in the neighbourhood endangers tyrants. And at the same time, the people’s states pay money to the ogres to keep the genocidal war going. What is to be done? Everyone, especially the heads of state, should wipe their eyes and wash them clean of fear and hatred. After all, the ogres are full of hatred out of fear. Who could say anything to them?”, said Landsbergis.

Addressing the audience, Mr Landsbergis welcomed Lithuanians’ initiatives to contribute to Ukraine’s support. He said that “all those who donated to the Turkish Bayraktar, to the Lithuanian drone Vanagas, are standing on the side of truth and light. However, Mr Landsbergis criticised those who, in the face of war, has “stood by” and passively watched the atrocities committed by Russia in Ukraine.

“You are unwilling to give Ukraine fighter jets and other weapons for its defence, or for some reason you are even delaying the production of such weapons. (…) But private donations are also weapons. Lithuanian society has shown a miracle – the miracle of people’s solidarity in the Radarom action. And if richer societies were to show this kind of solidarity, there might be no need for governments plagued by polio. And the blue sky of Ukraine with its yellow sun would be covered by radar from Putin’s bloody scavengers”, he said.

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