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Lithuania’s Century

In the twentieth century, most of Lithuania underwent seven currency changes, not counting a stretch with no currency at all, and two with only scrip, while of the remainder, the Vilnius region—eight, and the Klaipėda—six. These changes went hand in hand with changes in ownership, laws, economic priorities, destroying any chance of long-term development. Yet, Lithuania survived, and on February 16th 2018 is in better condition than a century ago when she declared independence, in spite of the fact that she was occupied for more than half of those years. […]

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Los Angeles Airport to light up in Lithuanian flag colors for February 16

The Los Angeles International Airport in the US will light up in the colors of the Lithuanian flag for the February 16 centennial anniversary of Lithuania’s statehood, the Foreign Ministry said. […]

Lithuanians celebrate February 16

Happy Independence day!

Lithuania celebrates the Day of Restoration of the State, commemorating the 99th anniversary since the nation declared independence from the Russian Empire on February 16, 1918. […]

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Vilnius invites to celebrate the 100th Independence Anniversary with sound of trumpets

One year before the proclamation of the 100th anniversary of the restoration of Lithuanian statehood in Vilnius – from this February 16 until February 16 next year, daily at 19 hours 18 minutes – trumpet player Laurynas Lapė and his students will perform the composition “Dear Lithuania” for Vilnius residents and guests from the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, Go Vilnius agency reported. […]

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Google congratulates Lithuania with Gediminas Castle logo on February 16

Internet giant Google painted its logo in the Lithuanian flag colours with Gediminas Castle at the centre its logo on February 16th to congratulate Lithuania with its Independence Day. […]

The Lithuanian independence message in Kiev, Ukraine
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US, Kiev send towering congratulations to Lithuania for Independence Day

A skyscraper in the centre of Ukraine‘s capital Kiev was lit in the Lithuanian tricolor with Lithuanian coat of arms and a greeting written in Ukrainian as Ukraine marked Lithuania’s Independence Day to be celebrated on February 16th. […]