‘We need to stand together as Lithuanians against Belarus nuclear plant’ – Landsbergis

Vytautas Landsbergis
DELFI / Domantas Pipas

“We need to stand against this nuclear sinkhole close to Vilnius with all our strength. Citizens, although we have enough of our own greed and pits of wickedness, let‘s say from all our strength: No to Astravets,” said Landsbergis.

Landsbergis referenced Russian Duma member Vladimir Zhirinovsky‘s threats 10 years ago to construct a nuclear power plant close to Lithuania “so that the winds and rivers would bring poison to the damned Lithuania”.

“And we pretended we have not heard that, we were negligent and polite. However, we can no longer be so. Lithuania must make a unanimous appeal to its allies in Europe and the North Atlantic [to support Lithuania in stopping the plant],” said Landsbergis.

In a speech delivered from the balcony of the House of the Signatories in central Vilnius, Landsbergis said that corruption, unfairness and cynicism in the justice system posed a real threat to Lithuania and threatened the “destruction of the state’s foundation”.

“Let us take a look at the paths we are taking in Lithuania. Corruption and stealing from the state garner has become a norm. Some people steal and defraud, they also control and veto, reject laws or openly disobey to what is said in the name of the Republic of Lithuania. And what can you, naïve people, say? Everything is legitimate. They have a majority,” Landsbergis said.

Landsbergis also addressed international threats, saying that new forms of “hybrid war” had allowed for cooperation among “totalitarian forces”.

“There is revisionist Russia, pushing millions of refugees against Europe like a human shield; the anti-European Islamic State, the crazy North Korea, the chemist of Damascus, Assad, and other similar forces. On the other side, we have the wishy-washy democrats. What if we genuinely push back, will this not make things worse, perhaps better to let them roam?

“Unfortunately, failing to resist [the Kremlin] and other aggressors is a crime against humanity. Just like allowing modern imperial forces to destroy hospitals, kill people in Chechnya before and Syria now,” Landsbergis said.

He also highlighted acute social issues in the Lithuanian society – “the alcoholism pandemic” and “incomprehensible cruelty” against children.

“This is the last hour to clean up and do some soul-searching. Or the other way round – go to confess to your mother first, if you have one, and then pick up the broom,” he said.

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