Rasmussen: NATO ready to repel any possible attacks on Baltic countries

Anders Fogh Rasmussen
DELFI / Tomas Vinickas

“The Baltic States are NATO members. They are covered by Article Five of the Charter of NATO that states: if any NATO ally is attacked, each and every member state will consider this act of violence as an attack against all members and will take action that it deems necessary to assist the ally under attack. Therefore, any attack on these countries would force NATO to intervene,” said Rasmussen.

He noted the warfare in Ukraine – “no one could have imagined anything like this happening in 21st century Europe. Russia’s actions have forced the alliance to review its principles, to be able to thwart any possible attacks in Eastern Europe. NATO has increased its military presence in this region as well as created rapid response forces.”

Rasmussen last week attended the annual Yalta European Strategy Forum in Kiev.

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