Retail Store Decorating Ideas From the Pros

A friendly chat. Christiann Koepke. Unsplash
A friendly chat. Christiann Koepke. Unsplash

Are you opening a new store, Or redecorating your present retail store? Or your client is looking for something fresh, and you’re out of ideas? You’re in the right place. Designing a retail store is as essential as any other aspect of your business. 

The moment customers enter the building, they need to feel something, comfort, exhilaration, luxury, amazement, whatever you are going for. The layout and design of your/client’s retail store are vital for sales and customer retention. 


Let’s discuss some decor ideas you can utilize to help your retail store stand out.

1. Have a theme

Before you do anything else on this list, ensure to have your theme decided. This is important because your chosen theme affects every other design choice you make. 


For example, if you sell female clothes, you will be better off using bright colors and shiny objects as a predominant design feature; or if you sell books, the place needs to be very organized and not excessively decorated. 

Picking a theme should be the first thing you do, and you don’t have to rush it. Let it come to you.


2. Grab your customers’ attention with digital signage

There is no better way to announce your availability status, sales, or other vital information than through signs. But it can be stressful and expensive to make a new sign every time you announce the need for digital signage. 

Neon signs are bright, colorful and add vibrance to your shop. Best of all, they are programmable, so you can choose an open neon sign or input whatever write-up you want. 


3. Avoid excessive clutter by choosing the right display

Displays are an essential component of your store’s design. However, it is easy to overdo and think that showing customers all your great products at once will make them buy. This is a wrong assumption as humans naturally do not like to buy from a shop where everything is everywhere. 

Minimalism is always a key in decoration. You should display attractive and eye-catching only and in innovative ways, like instead of putting necklaces in a display case, hang them up. Here these beautiful, glittering pieces of jewelry are visible and also beautifying the space at the same time.


4. Let there be light!

When picking your lighting theme, you need to be calculated and intentional about creating a balance between creating a mood and providing enough light for customers to see the goods. A few things to consider while lighting is:

• The relationship with light and mood: Visible light undeniably affects our perspective. This knowledge is used by boutiques, clubs, bars, brothels, etc. 


Dim lights are good for trying-out wares, warm white lights give a relaxed vibe, and bright lights help your customers see the labels and compare items.

• The traffic flow: We humans naturally tend to turn to the right when we enter a shop or boutique, so you can strategically place your bright lights in the areas you want easily located. You can also use lighting to direct traffic and show customers the path to follow.


• Use lighting with a high color rendering index: Using high CRI lights will help your customers see colors much better. This is because bright colors help sales, and dull-looking merchandise like food, fruit, clothes tend to affect customers’ decisions.

Clothing Shop. By Clark Street Mercantile from Unsplash

4. Mirror Mirror on the wall

When used appropriately and strategically, mirrors can give your store a more extensive look and make your customers think that your shop is larger than it is. You could consider placing a large mirror at a proper angle by the window to reflect the outdoor environment. 


Mirrors can also be doubled as a tool to cover up shelf space and let customers see their reflection. Ceiling mirrors are always a welcome addition too!

5. Paint an accent wall

Accent walls are a great side attraction to help distract your customers, rile their interest up. Using one of your walls to be painted as an accent wall draws attention and makes the store appear more extensive. 


It doesn’t even necessarily have to be painted: wallpaper or printed fabrics can also work as long as the other parts of the store, including furniture and floor, are all uniform and neutral in color.

Your design choices will make or break how much interest you get from your customers. No matter what you sell, people like to see innovative things, and they also want to be comfortable. They don’t like to overthink things. Make your designs simple and well thought out. Just make use of these laid-out ideas, and you’ll need to expand soon. 

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