Revealed: Why Google Cloud Stands Out and Why You Should Obtain the Google Professional Cloud Architect Certbolt Certification

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So, it is true, then? Perhaps the cynics are right. Or probably you are just naive to think you can’t make the switch to information technology, in a role that fulfills your monetary goals and career ambitions. The kind of guesswork that comes with choosing a professional path if you lack a clear plan is akin to throwing darts in the dark. Sometimes, it works. But many a time, it doesn’t. 

Fortunately, Google has another way to do it. As a reliable Google Cloud Certification vendor whose educational training speaks volumes, it now offers an admirable certification program that aligns with numerous modern and demanded job roles including cloud-related ones.   


Today, we have compiled a definitive guide to the Google Professional Cloud Architect credential to help you know what it takes to not just become a top-ranked cloud specialist but also an all-around team player. Let’s go. 

About the Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification


The Google Professional Cloud Architect training helps individuals prove their skills in leveraging a wide scope of Google cloud services and technologies. It is intended to give thorough coverage of the Google cloud platform and cloud architecture. Therefore, by obtaining this badge, you will validate your ability to successfully develop, manage, and design scalable and highly secure solutions that influence business objectives. 

Skills Verified on the Google Professional Cloud Architect Exam


To get certified, you have to pass an certbolt exam that verifies your proficiency in the following areas:

  • Designing and planning cloud solution architecture
  • Managing and provisioning the cloud infrastructure
  • Designing for compliance and security
  • Analyzing and optimizing business processes as well as technical ones
  • Managing implementations of cloud architecture
  • Ensuring the reliability of solutions and operations

Key Exam Facts


The Google Professional Cloud Architect test can be delivered in two modes: online proctored and onsite. Either way, you must pay the full registration fee of $200 plus additional taxes where applicable. The duration of the assessment is 2 hours and you can take it in English or Japanese.

Currently, Google has not outlined any stringent prerequisites for candidates. However, they recommend a minimum of 3+ years of experience that include 1+ years in managing and designing services and solutions using Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


When sitting for the certbolt test, you will face multiple-select and multiple-choice questions that require attention and detailed knowledge of the topics. Read on to know how to prepare to handle these tasks on the first attempt. For more visit   

Gaining Hands-on Skills


The Google Professional Cloud Architect certbolt exam is intended to verify the relevant technical skills relating to this career path. That is why gaining practical mastery is important. If you feel you lack the right knowledge and hands-on expertise, check out the official learning paths supplemented with labs, and strengthen your knowledge using the GCP free tier. 

Moreover, you may want to assess your level of preparedness using practice tests. You can easily find multiple options on the Internet and train with them answering questions from the past exams and receiving detailed reports on your performance.


The Bottom Line

Making the most of cloud transition implies choosing services and solutions that along with being multifunctional are also affordable, secure, and easy to use. Google Cloud satisfies all these requirements and is one of the highly regarded cloud platforms today. So, earn the Google Professional Cloud Architect certbolt certification to achieve your goals by joining a promising field. It’s time to take the initiative and position yourself for a new step in your career. 

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