Robotex’s sales grow by 40% year-on-year as robotization accelerates

Installing a Robotex robot

Robotex, an SBA group company that deploys robotics and automation solutions for the industrial sector, achieved its highest ever sales of EUR 2.6 million last year, up 40% from EUR 1.9 million in 2020. Completing ongoing projects and new orders should ensure sustained sales growth this year.

“Businesses in Lithuania are currently looking for every possible opportunity to scale up their operations efficiently, so therefore robotization and innovation are the keys to a competitive advantage. It helps Lithuanian exporters to compete successfully with technologically advanced companies in the West and Asia. As a result, the number of complex and large-scale robotics projects increases. A fresh example is the Inno Line factory near Klaipėda, for which we have developed and are installing as many as 13 robotic solutions. This is our company’s largest greenfield project, where we are working from the design stage of the plant rather than robotizing existing processes. The trust and experience of our customers working in global markets lay the foundation for our continued growth,” says Tomas Jakimavičius, CEO of Robotex.

Tomas Jakimavičius. SBA photo

According to him, Robotex’s sales are boosted by projects with major Lithuanian furniture manufacturers and orders from other market players: electronics manufacturers, wood processors, the food industry, and others. As a result, Robotex’s revenue grew by almost 60% in the third quarter of last year compared to the same period in 2020 and doubled in the fourth quarter.

Robotex plans to apply its successful experience in greenfield investment projects in Lithuania and foreign markets. Furthermore, according to Mr Jakimavičius, the company seeks to strengthen strategic partnerships with major automation and robotics service providers worldwide.  


“Of course, we are not only working with greenfield investments. Robots are increasingly being deployed in operational companies to transform and streamline existing processes in a growing range of industry segments. Our robotics and automation solutions help businesses de-stress the red-hot labour market and enable sustainable business development, guaranteeing more stable product quality, increased efficiency and longer-term competitiveness. This is why we are see an increasing demand for our solutions,” says Tomas Jakimavičius, CEO of Robotex.

Like other businesses, he says, Robotex’s performance last year was impacted by the high cost of various components needed for robotics and longer delivery times due to disrupted supply chains. As part of its risk management, the company started building up a reserve of robotics components last year to meet customer needs more quickly.


SBA’s Robotex deploys robotics and automation solutions in furniture manufacturing, wood processing, electronics, food and other industries. Through these projects, the business increases production efficiency, ensures more stable product quality, reduces production costs and helps employees avoid physically demanding and monotonous work. The company’s services range from consulting and developing robotics strategies to finding tailor-made solutions and servicing and maintaining already deployed robots. 

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