Russian media calls reports of Russian troops landing on Lithuanian soil ‘ridiculous demagogy’

Russian troops

After Lithuanian MP Artūras Paulauskas suggested that Russian troops could have disembarked on Lithuanian territory in the Curonian Spit during a training mission, Russian media panned the statements and the intelligence report they are based on as “ridiculous demagogy”.

Paulauskas‘ statements that Russian special forces soldiers could have landed on the Lithuanian soil in Juodkrantė was called “conspiracy theory” by the daily Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Paulauskas, the chairman of the parliamentary National Security and Defence Committee, based his statements on an intelligence report drafted by the State Security Department. Russian media called the report on threats to Lithuania’s national security a piece of “ridiculous demagogy” and a politically motivated document.

The report states that regular activity of unmanned aircraft was observed near the Lithuanian borders on the Russian and Belarusian side in 2015.

“There are indications that the Russian special purpose military units perform penetration into foreign countries during peacetime. In such operations soldiers learn to get to a territory of another state unnoticed, to prospect for objects of interest or to perform specific tasks. It is likely they are preparing for sabotage attacks against objects,” the report says.

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