Russian sanctions to stir up Lithuania’s labour market

“Those companies which have many employees and worked with Russia will feel consequences the most. (…),” said Laura Dukšaitė-Iškauskienė, head of personnel selection company MasterClass Lietuva.

On the other hand, she said that some participants of the Lithuanian labour market will take advantage of the situation. It should bring positive outcome to younger specialists working in the area of export who have good command of English, German, French or Spanish. It is likely that companies will seek to maintain stable activities and will replace those employees who work with the Russian market with those who can work with markets outside Eastern Europe.

Furthermore, the staffing specialist notes that the situation brings good news to those carriers that never worked with Russia. Drivers who will lose jobs due to Russian sanctions will be seeking employment in companies transporting goods to the West.

Based on the data of early 2014, there were 1,057 companies engaged in road carriage or transportation via pipelines and 72 companies providing storage and transport-related services.

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