Smaller states must band together – Savchenko in Lithuania

“We must band together because we cannot have unipolarity. Russia believes that there are only two countries in the world – itself and the United States of America – and that the rest is its exclusive interest zone. But that’s wrong. We, as smaller nations, have our own statehood, nationalities and, if we must, we will pick up our weapons to defend ourselves from our enemies,” said Savchenko.

“Historical memory is short and wars repeat, which is what’s happening now in Ukraine. We are once again defending our freedom to live. I hope you will never have to know how that has to be done. I hope that war never touches your country. You, like nobody else, know our pain and help us. I am very thankful to you for this,” Savchenko said.

She also underscored the importance for Ukraine of resisting Russian propaganda and maintaining relationships with all of its neighbouring countries.

“We must free our minds and subconscious from the Russian propaganda that has been torturing us for all these years,” said Savchenko.

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