Spartans for Kids will run Vilnius Marathon

This Sunday a group of Spartan runners will take part in the Vilnius Marathon. The foundation has accepted an invitation from the hosts and thanks to the help of Polish Embassy in Vilnius and the race organizers, decided to hold a charitable collection during the event. This time the campaign will be for benefit of children from the Vilnius Orphanage ( The orphanage is home for 35 children, including some of Polish extraction.

The collection of money and in-kind donations started already last month. Spartans invited 5 other runners to join them in the journey and in the run. Each of them made a donation to the noble cause. Apart from that, the initiative was supported by the Opole Power Plant Trade Unions and the Spartans’ families.

“In total we have gifts for the Vilnius Orphanage with the total value of more than PLN 5,000,” says Michał Leśniewski, the head of the “Spartans for Kids” Foundation. “We encourage everyone to make direct donations to the orphanage’s account. They are really in need,” he adds.

On the eve of the run, the Spartans will visit the children and give them the collected presents, including school supplies, cleaning supplies and computer hardware. To thank the donors and to encourage the participants of the Vilnius Marathon to support the collection, on Sunday, at 9:15 the Spartans will set off for the marathon.

“We will inform everyone about our collection. Thanks to the kindness of the organizers, before the race, we will have the possibility of presenting our initiative from the stage. We hope that the Lithuanians will like our activity. And maybe we’ll even manage to talk a few runners into joining our ranks. We already have a Scott and an American amongst us. So we hope to have more Spartans from abroad,” says Leśniewski.

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