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Ban on alcohol discounts in Lithuania will benefit only the big players

Lithuania’s parliament recently added a new amendment to the Alcohol Control Law, which, from November 2016, will prohibit retailers from displaying discounts on alcoholic drinks. The discounts themselves are not banned, however. […]

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Lithuanian government greenlights plan to fight alcoholism

The Lithuanian government has endorsed an action plan for 2016 to reduce alcohol consumption in the country. […]

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Beer Renaissance flourishes in Lithuania

Beer is increasingly replacing wine and brandy as the drink of sophistication in Lithuania. Walking through the streets of Vilnius at night, it is hard not to notice the many bars crowded with people sipping all sorts of specialty beers. Beer connoisseurs and sommeliers are enthusiastically confirming this trend. […]

Smart breathalyzer

“Office breathalyzer” invented by Lithuanian scientists

Imagine your morning routine: you come to the office, swipe your key card to enter the building, blow into a breathalyzer by the door and your boss gets a text message telling him or her your blood alcohol content. […]

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Lazdijai municipality first to ban alcohol near schools, at public events

Lazdijai municipality has banned alcohol marketing at public events and has restricted the sale of alcohol near educational institutions, police stations and hospitals in the municipality. […]