Chiune Sugihara


10月10日(木)、リトアニア国会(セイマス)は来たる2020年を、年間を通じて「杉原千畝記念の年」とする事を宣言しました。この決議は、2020年がリトアニア・カウナスの旧日本領事館に在勤した杉原千畝元副領事(1939-40年在勤)が6000人以上のユダヤ人難民の命を救ったとされる、いわゆる「命のビザ」の発給を決断してからちょうど80年目の記念の年に当たる事にちなんで採択されました。また2020年は、杉原氏の生誕120周年の記念の年でもあります […]

Chiune Sugihara
Foreign affairs

Japanese diplomat’s son finds forged ‘visas for life’ in Lithuanian archives

The youngest son of Chiune Sugihara, a Japanese diplomat who saved thousands of Jews from the Holocaust, discovered in the Lithuanian Central State Archives (LCSA) that some of the so-called “visas for life” issued by his father were forgeries. […]

Bella Shirin, Hisayuki Sakamizu and Maria Kishida photo by Linas Vasiliauskas

Chiune Sugihara’s legacy-inspired cultural diplomacy

Chiune Sugihara’s legacy continues to live on, reverberating in new culturally significant and socially beneficial ways. […]

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An unknown fact: Lithuania was the first country in the world to issue Jews with “Visas to Life”

Lithuania is constantly defending itself against accusations or dubious statements that Lithuanians collaborated with the Nazis in the Holocaust. At the same time it’s usually in the archives of historians where information is discovered about Lithuanians who, before anybody else, were opening up a path for refugees who were Jewish and of other nationalities, Lietuvos Žinos writes. […]

People enjoying an afternoon at the annual cherry Blossoms arond the Sugihara Memorial in Vilnius Photo © Ludo Segers @ The Lithuania Tribune

The late coming of spring in Vilnius

In most parts of the world, starting a conversation with references to the weather is considered pretty banal. Not so in countries like Canada or Lithuania, where spring has been late to come. […]

Shibuya district in Tokyo  Photo Ludo Segers

Japan, a business opportunity too far?

Walking through Tokyo Station on a weekday morning with tens of thousands of people leaves the impression of a well orchestrated ballet where the dancers manage to find their way through what looks like a labyrinth of train lines, subway, shopping areas and high speed train lines. Most of these people are the backbone of the innovative Japanese economy. […]