Edward Lucas, the Nordic Chambers Dinner i

How to make the deal of the deals with Russia? After dinner with E. Lucas

Edward Lucas, the former senior editor of the Economist, visited Vilnius on January 10th — once again, should we say. He lived in Lithuania in the Nineties and is such a frequent commentator and visitor in Lithuania that he even speaks the language a bit. His work has been revolving around Russia for so long that he has become a synonym for Russophobia, an accusation he is sharing with the three Baltic States. […]

Troll warning

Opinion: Putin the troll

Tolkienites would say that trolls are creatures originated from stone and that they lurk in dark caves and gloomy forests, that they’re the scivies of evil forces that inhabit the Middle Earth. They’re big and vicious and form the forefront of Lord Mordor’s army, always ready to be the first to get into a fight. Daylight gets rid of trolls, because when exposed to it they turn to stone. But the trolls I want to talk about are not from J R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings universe. […]

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Putin’s Russia. The dangerous illusion of independent and western oligarchs

I decided to dedicate one more essay in the “Putin’s Russia” series to Russian oligarchs because of one piece of news that attracted much less attention in Lithuania and internationally than it warranted: the former foreign minister of Sweden and one of the fiercest critics of President Valdimir Putin, Carl Bildt, accepted a consulting job at LetterOne, a Luxembourg-based company set up and run by Russian oligarchs. […]

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Putin’s Russia: What did Nemtsov’s assassination reveal about the current regime?

Assassination of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was a shocking wake-up call for many all over the globe. Circumstances were more than eloquent – bullets hit Nemtsov right in front of Kremlin and merely one day before the planned protest march. […]

Edward Lucas at the Swedish Business Awards 2014

Do not get intimidated – Edward Lucas to Lithuania

During his visit to Lithuania, Edward Lucas, one of the most prominent British columnists analysing geopolitical situation in the Eastern Europe, urged Lithuania to pay more attention to dissemination of its success stories and be more active in fight with the even smallest provocations of Russia in their early stages. […]

Eston Kohver

Taking Estonian officer prisoner may backfire for Russia, says Lucas

The Economist senior editor Edward Lucas told ETV the move to apprehend Estonian secret service official Eston Kohver may backfire in the long run, as Russia could have a famous political prisoner on its hands for the next 20 years, which will become an irritant. […]