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Russia’s influence behind the scenes in the European Union: Lithuania and pressure on transit

The European Commission (EC) is reconsidering the issue of transit to Kaliningrad because Russia has managed to “entangle” Lithuania behind the scenes in the European Union (EU) and to influence Community clerics, who in turn […]

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Vytautas Sinica. The dead-end of a “values-based” foreign policy

The news that Lithuania would continue to receive Belarussian exports of potassium fertiliser, after actively campaigning for sanctions against the regime in Belarus, rapidly became a scandal. The experts are appalled, the transit companies are […]

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President of Lithuania: Forgetting is not an option

It is much easier to deny the past than to rectify it, wrote Titus Livius. The past can also be concealed or falsified. However, this is not the right way to “be open” as suggested […]

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Laurinkus. After Borrell’s visit to Russia – conspiracy theory about the game of thrones in the EP and the Kremlin

The European Union’s head of diplomacy, Mr. Borrell, whom the Kremlin’s propagandists call “Uncle Joseph”, suffered double humiliation during and after his official visit to Russia: one in Moscow and the other at the European […]