Tricolour on the Vilnius TV tower

Lithuania will mark the Day of Re-establishment of Lithuania’s Independence

This year, Lithuania will mark the 29th anniversary of the re-establishment of its independence, commemorating the adoption of the Act on the Re-establishment of the State of Lithuania by the Supreme Council – Reconstituent Seimas on 11 March 1990. On this occasion, a lot of festive events will take place in the Seimas and throughout the country to celebrate Lithuania’ liberation from the Soviet occupation, recall the success of the united fight for freedom and share the joy of living in the independent democratic republic cherished by all Lithuanian people. […]

Museum of Occupation and Freedom Fighters

Lithuania renames Museum of Genocide Victims

The Museum of Genocide Victims, situated in the former KGB building in Vilnius, has been renamed the Museum of Occupation and Freedom Fighters. […]

Jewish massacre memorial in Kaunas

Initiative unveiled to name both victims and killers at mass Jewish graves in Lithuania

It is proposed to put up special information boards at sites of mass Jewish graves in Lithuania to display both the names of those killed and as detailed information as possible about their executioners. […]


Lithuania remembers Soviet deportations on Day of Mourning and Hope

Events in Lithuania have begun to commemorate Lithuania’s Day of Mourning and Hope, which is held every year on 14 June.

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Marijonas Misiukonis

Former Lithuanian interior minister cleared in genocide case of last Lithuanian partisan

On Thursday, Lithuania’s Supreme Court issued a final ruling acquitting former Lithuanian Interior Minister Marijonas Misiukonis in a genocide case for his part in arresting Antanas Kraujelis-Siaubūnas, who is considered to have been the last member of the armed Lithuanian resistance movement. […]