Viktor Orban with Angela Merkel

Two plus two is not necessarily four: German policy towards the Visegrád countries

Until 2015, very few people had heard of the term “Visegrád Group” in Germany, let alone had a sense about its purpose. At that time the group – also called “V4” after its four member states Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary – saw its main task in the coordination and exchange of information, national positions, as well as cooperation on „soft“ projects such as infrastructure. […]

Jacek Czaputowicz
Central/Eastern Europe

Polish ForMin urges Lithuania to scrap election threshold for ethnic minorities – Interview

Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz has called on Lithuania to amend its legislation so that ethnic minority parties do not have to reach the threshold of votes needed to enter the Seimas. […]

Edward Lucas, the Nordic Chambers Dinner i

How to make the deal of the deals with Russia? After dinner with E. Lucas

Edward Lucas, the former senior editor of the Economist, visited Vilnius on January 10th — once again, should we say. He lived in Lithuania in the Nineties and is such a frequent commentator and visitor in Lithuania that he even speaks the language a bit. His work has been revolving around Russia for so long that he has become a synonym for Russophobia, an accusation he is sharing with the three Baltic States. […]


Lithuania’s greatest struggle – affluent countries will not understand this

The affluent EU member states have seen population increases over the past decade and this has led to more rapid economic development among them. The less well-off member states experienced the opposite processes – a […]

European Union

Almost half Europeans want their own UK-style referendum – survey

As the United Kingdom is preparing for a referendum on its membership in the European Union, a survey suggests that almost half of voters in eight big EU countries would also like to have in-out votes. […]

Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski

Poland to challenge rules of Europe’s foreign policy game

Across Europe all eyes have been on Poland‘s conservative Law and Justice Party since they dramatically swept back into power. After securing a majority in the Polish parliament, the party swiftly put their power to use, launching controversial reforms of the country’s Constitutional Court and increasing control over state media, in the process drawing comparisons with Viktor Orban’s Hungary. […]

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European Union

Refugee resettlement in Lithuania and EU ‘is failing’

Lithuania and the European Union is likely to fail to implement the refugee resettlement plan, says Government Vice-Chancellor Rimantas Vaitkus. […]