Ramūnas Bogdanas

Opinion: Information offensives aim at pillars of Lithuanian statehood

City authorities recently removed four groups of Soviet-era statues from the Green Bridge in central Vilnius. Columnist Ramūnas Bogdanas argues that it was a move in the information war that Russia has launched against the West, including Lithuania. The retaliation that followed targeted crucial moments and figures in the nation’s twentieth-century history. […]

Žmonės prie Aukščiausiosios Tarybos rūmų

Opinion: Whatever happened to our enemies of 25 years ago

Can we speak about our former enemies and talk to them, or shall we keep the distance, ignore and insist that they are not worth our attention? I’ve concluded the following: if we are scared of something, we tend to pretend that it simply does not exist. If we are able to look into the eyes of the former enemy, it means that today we are ready to stand up to them again and defend our beliefs. […]