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Lithuania’s Century

In the twentieth century, most of Lithuania underwent seven currency changes, not counting a stretch with no currency at all, and two with only scrip, while of the remainder, the Vilnius region—eight, and the Klaipėda—six. These changes went hand in hand with changes in ownership, laws, economic priorities, destroying any chance of long-term development. Yet, Lithuania survived, and on February 16th 2018 is in better condition than a century ago when she declared independence, in spite of the fact that she was occupied for more than half of those years. […]

January 13 commemoration in the front of Seimas

Lithuanian court merges two January 13 coup trials

A Vilnius court on Wednesday decided to merge two cases of the January 13 trial into one – criminal charges against two former Soviet officers will be added to the big case heard for almost two years. […]

Russia's Ambassador A. Udaltsov at the monument to the Lithuanian freedom fighters

Bizzare Russian Embassy behaviour left Lithuanians puzzled: it’s the 1st time they’ve acted this way

The majority of Russians celebrate May 9th which is a Victory day: Moscow is shaken by a massive military parade and crowds of people go to the cemetery to lay flowers on military graves of […]

Ursula von der Leyen

Lithuania deserves our defence – German Minister of Defence in Munich

Lithuania deserves NATO solidarity and defense, Germany’s Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen said in her opening speech at the Munich Security Conference on Friday afternoon. […]

Vytautas Landsbergis

World is being accustomed to thought that small nuclear war is permissible – Landsbergis

Vytautas Landsbergis, Lithuania’s first post-independence leader, says that the modern world is being accustomed to medieval-style international relations where a small-scale nuclear war is permissible. […]