Lithuanian runners in Portland, Oregon

Lithuanians around the world run ‘path of life and death’ to commemorate January 13th

Every January, Lithuanians participate in an annual winter run called “Gyvybės ir Mirties Keliu“ (The Path of Life and Death) to commemorate the people that died in Lithuania during the events of 13 January, 1991. This tradition has spread throughout the Lithuanian diaspora, and even the Lithuanian community in the states of Washington and Oregon ran in Portland to commemorate this important day. […]

Global LT

Defenders of freedom honoured in world capitals with 25th anniversary run

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the events of January 13th, 1991, a commemorative international marathon called “On the road of life and death” was held on Saturday in Lithuania and in capital cities all over the world. […]

John Boehner
Foreign affairs

Boehner in Vilnius: US supports Lithuania’s “enduring struggle with some neighbours”

The United States supports Lithuania’s “enduring struggle with some of your neighbours”, Speaker of the US House of Representatives John Boehner said in Vilnius on Monday. […]