Kitchen utensils for the Lithuanian army

Germany’s Karcher-Futuretech claims it didn’t supply kitchen utensils to Lithuanian army

Germany’s Karcher-Futuretech maintains it did not supply any kitchen utensils to Lithuanian company Nota Bene, which later sold the items to Lithuania’s Armed Forces, public relations chief of the German enterprise said. […]

Operation Sophia
European Union

Lithuanian officer joins EU mission against migrant trafficking in Mediterranean

Another officer of Lithuania’s Armed Forces left for the European Union-led Sophia operation to curb illegal migration in the Mediterranean Sea region.

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Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant

Lithuanian air force exercise to protect Ignalina nuclear plant

The Lithuanian air force is to conduct an exercise simulating protecting the Ignalina nuclear plant and handling emergency situations during peacetime. During the exercise, Air Force troops will be simulating protecting the Ignalina nuclear power […]

No Picture

Russia is ‘biggest threat to Lithuania’s security’ – Ministry of Defence

Russia is the biggest threat to Lithuanian security and military aggression is no longer just a hypothetical possibility, according to the updated Military Strategy drafted by Lithuania’s Ministry of National Defence. […]