Lithuanian Embassy (left ) and Cuban Mission in Washington   Photo Ludo Segers
Foreign affairs

Lithuania and Cuba soon to be diplomatic neighbours in Washington

Early Thursday morning several media teams set up in the neighbourhood of the Lithuanian Embassy in Washington DC. The Swiss Embassy, Cuban Special Interest Section is located next door to the Lithuanian Embassy on 16th Street. It houses the Cuban representation in the US Capital after the Americans severed diplomatic relations with the island nation 54 years ago at the height of the Cold War. The somewhat secretive mission got mainly attention in the past whenever demonstrators would gather to demand the release of Americans or dissidents held in Cuban prisons. All of that is about to end. […]

Lithuanian Ambassador Pavillionis Photo Ludo Segers
Foreign affairs

Ambassador Pavilionis’ plea for US energy support

Lithuanian Ambassador Žygimantas Pavilionis used a farewell speech at Energy Allies, one of the US energy associations, to review the long struggle of Lithuania to gain energy independence. The ambassador who is returning soon to Lithuania after five years of diplomatic service in Washington, DC, evaluated current energy policy trends and their impact on global politics in front of an audience of company representatives, energy lobbyists, diplomats, politicians and Congress cabinet staff. He urged for more US energy exports to re-balance the current geo-political situation. […]

Enthusiastic APPLE educators  Photo Ludo Segers
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APPLE’s contribution to Lithuania’s education system feted in Washington

On Friday, the Lithuanian Ambassador to the United States, Žygimantas Pavilionis, hosted a large group of teachers who played an important role in education during the last 25 years that followed Lithuania regaining independence. Aimed to contribute to a then fledging Lithuanian educational system, APPLE was set up as an organisation in 1990 by American teachers, many with strong ties to Lithuania. Many of the teachers attending the 25th anniversary travelled from distant parts of the USA and even Canada to celebrate the success of this unique venture. […]

Cherry Blossoms at Tidal Bassin with the Washington Monument   Photo Ludo Segers
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Cherry Blossom Princesses visit Lithuanian Embassy in Washington, DC

It is a rare event to have 50 princesses visit the Lithuanian Embassy all at once, but the annual Cherry Blossom is a magical event in Washington DC. Although Japan is the natural home for the annual cherry blossom festivals, Washington, DC with thousands of trees, mostly donated by Japan, comes a close second. Every year, since 1948 there is also a State Society organised Cherry Blossom Princess contest. The princesses are the highlight of the Cherry Blossom Festival, this weekend, in the capital’s centre and a major event in the US Capitol building. […]

Neris Germanas
Foreign affairs

Lithuania to set up defence adviser positions at embassies

The government on Wednesday okayed the amendments on the establishment of positions of defence adviser at Lithuanian embassies abroad. […]

His Excellency’s presentation, Russia and the Near Abroad, drew an auditorium full of Portland State University students and community members. Photo by Randy Miller
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Ambassador Pavilionis’ first visit to Portland, OR

Ambassador Žygimantas Pavilionis starts the New Year with his first ever visit to Portland, Oregon. Just about a year ago, His Excellency’s plans to explore this town were hampered by a snow and ice storm that unexpectedly hit the Rose city just two days prior to the scheduled trip. However, this time around the nature was gracious enough to greet the honorable guest with mild temperature and a ray of sunshine. […]

Lithuanian Ambassador Pavilionis draped in the Lithuanian flag joined Ukrainian Ambassador Motsyk and the French Ambassador Araud in the silent march  Photo Ludo Segers
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Silent march in Washington to commemorate French terrorist attacks

On Sunday afternoon, several thousand people turned up in Washington for a silent march organised by the French Embassy. The march was held on the same day as millions joined the leaders of dozens of countries in Paris. In Washington, the ambassadors from several countries together with dignitaries, religious leaders and thousands of concerned citizens joined the French Ambassador to the USA, Gérard Araud. The participants gathered in front of the Newseum in Washington, a museum dedicated to the press and freedom of expression. […]

FLTR Ambassador Pavilionis, Mackenson Pierre, Sandy Louiseme and Szymon Czyszek of the Knights  Photo Ludo Segers
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Haitian earth quake victims to visit Vilnius

On Monday, 5 January, the Lithuanian Embassy in Washington received the visit of three young amputees, victims of the 2010 Haitian earthquake. The young man came to make a visa application for a visit to Vilnius on 8 January. The three will then travel to Rome, Italy, where they will attend a conference at the Vatican. […]

Lithuanian Diplomatic Star being awarded to Professor Snyder Photo Ludo Segers
Foreign affairs

Lithuanian Diplomacy Star awarded to Yale professor and author Timothy Snyder

On Monday, 27 October, the bestselling author, historian and Yale professor Timothy Snyder was honoured with the Lithuanian Diplomacy Star during a ceremony at the Lithuanian Embassy in Washington, DC. […]

Petras Geniušas and Liudas Mockūnas at the Lithuanian Embassy in Washington, DC  Photo Ludo Segers
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Čiurlionis’ music revisited in Washington, DC

Lithuanian composer and painter Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis had a short, yet very prolific life (he was just 35 when he died in 1911). He considered himself a synesthete, in that he perceived colours and music simultaneously. Čiurlionis composed about 400 pieces of music, mostly for the piano, and he also created 300 paintings – many with musical names. In addition, he wrote literary works and poems. An asteroid – 2420 Čiurlionis – was named after him. Few artists have left such deep influence on Lithuanian culture. […]