After the lecture, the Lithuanian Community was presented with a copy of the Lithuanian Act of Independence with the signature of the historian, who discovered it
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Centenary across the Atlantic on the West Coast with Prof Mažylis

Sometimes I and not just I feel that our Homeland‘s independence centenary would be less meaningful if not the original of the Lithuanian Act of Independence, which appeared as if from nowhere in Berlin… “ […]

February 16, 1918 Act of Independence

Independence Act font presented at Lithuanian government meeting in Kaunas

A font developed by the original of the February 16 1918 Independence Act was presented at a solemn meeting of the Lithuanian government in Kaunas on Wednesday. […]

House of Signatories

Lithuania’s Public Safety Service to guard Feb 16 Independence Act

Officers of the Public Safety Service will guard the 1918 Independence Act to be handed over to Lithuania by Germany for exhibiting at the House of Signatories on a temporary basis. […]

Most Influential in Lithuania 2017: public figures

Poll ranks Čekuolis, Doveika, Bumblauskas as Lithuania’s most influential public figures

Journalist and author Algimantas Čekuolis, Roman Catholic priest Ričardas Doveika and historian Alfredas Bumblauskas top the list of Lithuania’s most influential public figures, according to an opinion poll published by the news portal on Wednesday. […]