At the Migration Department

Migration officials drawing up housing register for asylum-seekers

The Migration Department is drawing up a register of dwellings asylum-seekers could be housed in if there is a sudden inflow of migrants. […]


Government approves easier hiring of foreign specialists

Lithuania’s government on Wednesday gave a green light to hiring foreign specialists of certain fields, however, some opposition politicians warn that this could pave way for cheaper labor force that will stop the increase of wages for Lithuanians. […]

Russian Constitutional Court chairman Valery Zorkin

Putin outraged over Lithuania’s refusal of entry to Russian Constitutional Court judges

Lithuania has refused to ban entry to judges of the Russian Constitutional Court over decisions that legalized the annexation of Crimea. The Lithuanian decision drew an indignant reaction from Russian President Vladimir Putin. […]

The refugee family arrived in Lithuania last December

Iraqi refugee family ‘haven’t broken any rules’ by going to Sweden – minister

Interior Minister Tomas Žilinskas says that the Iraqi refugee family who have asylum in Lithuania, but have been away in Sweden for more than a month now, have not broken any rules as yet.

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