International transport conference in Stockholm “Business Opportunities and Logistic. Scandinavian and Eastern Europe case”

International conference in Stockholm discusses transport opportunities for Scandinavia and Baltics

On September 10th an international transport and logistics conference took place in Stockholm. On the initiative of the Lithuanian Embassy in Sweden, the conference was organized by Lithuanian Ministry of Transport and Communications, JSC Lithuanian Railways, port of Klaipėda, Turkish-Swedish business association Sweturk and International Swedish Freight association. […]

Lauri Koponen

KTU Executive School: Tailor-made competences for business

Every businessperson in his of her life has encountered a situation when they need to upgrade their competence package. However, usually there is no time for proper studies, and the quality of available lectures by individual speakers is often compromised. Lauri Koponen, Head of KTU Executive School says that business breakfast, popular in Scandinavian countries, is a good solution for this problem. […]

Swedish forces look for mysterious underwater object

Opinion: Hot October in the Baltic Sea

The website of the Russian Embassy in Sweden says: “Russia is closer than it seems…” […]

No Picture

Opinion: What do Russian probes in the Baltic portend?

Earlier this month (October 2014), Scandinavian, and especially Swedish, media have focused on Sweden’s apparently abortive efforts to locate what was allegedly a disabled Russian reconnaissance submarine off its shores near Stockholm. But beyond the glaring evidence of the degradation of Swedish military capabilities — a condition it shares with most if not all of Europe — there is a larger story here. […]

St. John’s Day bonfire in Trakų Vokė

Old St. John’s Day traditions giving up to shashliks, beer and fireworks

Jumping over the traditional Midsummer bonfire and searches of the fern bloom in the modern times is more and more often accompanied with shashliks on the grill, full mugs of beer and powerful firecrackers to wrap up the festival. […]