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Latvian citizen busted in Lithuania with 2 Syrian citizens en route to Western Europe

Border guards of Kalvarija, southwestern Lithuania, have detained a Latvian citizen transporting to Western Europe a Syrian father and son who had applied for asylum in Latvia. The driver faces criminal charges, while the Syrian citizens will be sent back to Latvia. […]

Redwan Eid

To Whom It May Concern… before it is too late! #RefugeesLT

This is the first text from our #RefugeesLT initiative.
On my third month in Lithuania as a refugee, and as I am passing through different situations here varying between the good and bad, I can confidently say now that Lithuanians have all the good seeds inside them to blossom and prove they are not less in generosity and willingness to extend a hand to help than any other nation who has received refugees along the history so far. I could see this with all my Lithuanian friends around me and even those who I met by chance in the streets as I needed to ask about anything and they happened to know that I am a refugee. […]

Foreign affairs

12 more Syrian refugees arrive in Lithuania under EU programme

Another 12 Syrian refugees arrived in Lithuania on Monday evening under the European Union‘s resettlement programme. […]

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Tenuous immigration agreement between EU and Turkey

After two days of negotiations, Turkey and the European Union reached a compromise agreement on a plan to reduce the flow of migrants from the Middle East to Europe. At a summit concluding March 18, the heads of government of the 28 EU members and their Turkish counterparts approved the plan, which should take effect March 20. While the deal could help reduce the number of migrants arriving in Europe, questions remain about the signatories’ ability and commitment to fully enforce it. […]