State Tax Inspectorate (VMI)

Tax authorities start trawl of citizens bank accounts for tax evasion

The government has given the go-ahead for Lithuanian tax authorities to start scrutinising Lithuanians’ bank accounts for tax evasion and unaccountable sources of income as the State Tax Inspectorate also announced all citizens had until the end of June this year to declare all gifts and undeclared loans since 2004 used to make purchases of over €15,000 or face a retrospective tax of 15% on the gifts. […]


MP proposes VAT cuts on basic foods

A reduced value-added tax (VAT) rate should apply to basic food products, according to a new bill being proposed by a Labour Party MP. […]


Refugee fuel tax may hit Lithuanian drivers but ‘is logical’, say analysts

Drivers in all 28 EU member states, including Lithuania, may be forced to pay a special refugee tax for each litre of fuel purchased at gas stations. […]

Vytenis Povilas Andriukaitis

Reform of tax system ‘should be key platform for Social Democrats’ in election

Lithuania’s Social Democratic Party needs to run on a truly social democratic platform, centred around a reformed and fairer tax system and social services in this year’s elections ,according to European Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis. […]


Lithuania to raise tax on amber to 20 percent of market value

The Lithuanian government has approved an rise in taxes on amber extraction as the country prepares to launch a tender for the exploration and extraction of its amber resources. […]