The Kremlin

Lithuanian view: What to expect from Russia in 2017?

2017 could be the year of Russia’s return – the signs of this were discussed in a Tuesday afternoon discussion organised by the the Eastern Europe Studies Centre (RESC) and VU TSPMI. The political scientists discussed the topic of “What will decide Russian foreign policy in 2017?” It is likely that the government rotation of the West, the resolution of the stalled Syrian conflict and strategic changes to the Russian tone will open opportunities for de-escalation and Putin’s return as a figure that is repulsive for many, but at the same time – an inevitable partner in resolving questions in the international political arena. […]

N.Puteikis, A.Paleckis, A.Butkevičius, A.Maldeikienė, A.Zuokas

ELECTIONS. The final battle for single-mandate districts – highlights

With less than two weeks remaining to the second round of Seimas elections, a number of candidates will be fighting for their survival in the political arena. It will be up to voters whether we will see Algirdas Paleckis, Naglis Puteikis, Artūras Zuokas, Aušra Maldeikienė, Virginija Bailtraitienė and others in the new Seimas. […]

European Union

Why Europe won’t protect its borders

The refugee crisis has uncovered a major flaw in the European Union‘s (EU) policy of free movement of people: porous external borders. Lithuanian commentators say some countries are just not interested in solving the problem. […]

Vilnius City Municipality

Parties weigh strategies and options before mayoral run-offs in Vilnius

After local elections in Lithuania last Sunday, the new Vilnius City Municipality Council will include 38 male and 12 female councillors. The Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania and the Russian Alliance Block of Valdemar Tomaševski delegated four women, the Liberal Movement, three, the Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrats (TS-LKD), two, and the remaining parties that were voted in will have one woman representative each. […]

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Baltic states – among world’s hot spots of 2015?

The news agency Bloomberg has included the Baltic states in the list of places in the world where geopolitical tensions could run high next year. […]

Kęstutis Girnius

Russia may take counter-sanctions against West

The Kremlin could apply counter-sanctions against the West in response to European Union (EU) and United States sanctions against Russia, say lecturers of the Vilnius University’s Institute of International Relations and Political Science. […]