Voting in the Seimas

ELECTIONS. Poll: Lithuania reacts to the new Labour Code

The new Labour Code passed by the Seimas has not been well received by voters. Based on a poll by public opinion and market research company Vilmorus more than half of the respondents viewed the new Labour Code negatively. The negative perception of the code was found across the electorates of almost all parties, albeit less so among Social Democrat (LSDP) and Polish Electoral Action voters. […]

Anti-gay protestors (MP Gražulis) at the Baltic Pride in Vilnius

Seimas will not legalize same-sex partnerships – experts

The Seimas of Lithuania will vote down nine lawmakers’ proposal to legalize same-sex partnerships as the public opinion on the issue is not favourable, political scientists say. […]

Vilnius City Municipality

Parties weigh strategies and options before mayoral run-offs in Vilnius

After local elections in Lithuania last Sunday, the new Vilnius City Municipality Council will include 38 male and 12 female councillors. The Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania and the Russian Alliance Block of Valdemar Tomaševski delegated four women, the Liberal Movement, three, the Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrats (TS-LKD), two, and the remaining parties that were voted in will have one woman representative each. […]

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Foreign affairs

Lithuanians react to US Senate’s CIA report: will it sow discord in US-European relations?

The release of redacted summary of US Senate’s investigation into the CIA‘s detention and interrogation programme, which allegedly included secret overseas detention sites, has caused some stir the world and Lithuania. […]