Former president Adamkus discharged from hospital after kidney removal surgery

Lithuania’s former President Valdas Adamkus, 88, was discharged from hospital on Tuesday after undergoing surgery last Thursday for removing one kidney affected by cancer. […]

President Dalia Grybauskaitė was presented with Ukraine's Person of the Year 2014 award in in Kyiv Źródło:

Ukraine’s Person of Year title is recognition for whole of Lithuania – Grybauskaitė

On March 21, during a solemn ceremony at the National Art Palace Ukraine in Kyiv, President Dalia Grybauskaitė was presented with Ukraine’s Person of the Year 2014 award. The title was bestowed on the president of Lithuania for her solid support to Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and European aspirations, the presidential press service said. […]

Valdas Adamkus

Former President Adamkus: Russia’s imperialist goals pose threat to Baltic states

Russia‘s imperialist goals are posing a real threat to Lithuania, but the country’s NATO membership is a guarantee of security, former Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus says. […]

Valdas Adamkus and his wife Alma Adamkienė
Foreign affairs

Valdas Adamkus: The only person I had no luck with was Vladimir Putin

Former Lithuanian president Valdas Adamkus expresses his disappointment about the estranged relationship with Poland, and the demands of the Polish minority. He also shares insights and memories about his own personal relations with state leaders he worked with during his presidency, while appreciating a bold yet risky stance of Lithuania’s current leadership during the RussiaUkraine conflict. […]

Valdas Adamkus

Former president Adamkus: Polish-speakers don’t appreciate what they have in Lithuania

The Polish-speaking minority in Lithuania do not appreciate the conditions created for them and do not want to adapt to the Lithuanian laws, the country’s former President Valdas Adamkus says. […]


Opinion: Between the two terms as head of state

President Dalia Grybauskaitė was recently sworn into the office for the second time and from that moment her second term as the Head of State began. Everyone in Lithuania was able to watch the inauguration ceremony, to hear the words in anticipation of the way ahead. This day was the boundary between the two tenures of the head of state. So far, none of the Lithuanian presidents, after Lithuania became independent, had the opportunity and thus the responsibility to continue the work for a second consecutive term. After 10 years, when looking back at one’s legacy, it will no longer be possible to say “I ran out of time”. […]