Number of Lithuanians without a bank account increasing rapidly

The number of Lithuanian citizens without bank accounts or other payment facilities has grown rapidly in Lithuania over the past three years, with the largest increase in the past year. A Bank of Lithuania survey […]


Negative interest rates help Lithuanian borrowers but may signal coming financial crisis

Negative interbank interest rates are making life easier for Lithuanian borrowers, both consumers and businesses, but Lithuania’s financial experts are worried that it may create another financial crisis and could be sign of a coming economic downturn. […]

Vitor Constancio
European Union

ECB vice-president: Greek ‘No’ vote would weaken chances for financial assistance deal

A “No” vote in Greece‘s referendum on Sunday would weaken chances for Athens to reach an agreement with its creditors, Vitor Constancio, vice-president of the European Central Bank, said in Vilnius on Friday. […]

Vitas Vasiliauskas

Bank of Lithuania chief: New measures to enhance financial system stability

The results of stress testing revealed that the domestic financial system is ready to withstand a sharp deterioration in the state of the economy or financial markets. New macroprudential requirements for banks, to be applied from this year, will help enhance the stability of Lithuania’s financial system. Such conclusions are presented in the Financial Stability Review published by the Bank of Lithuania, reports the Bank of Lithuania. […]

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European Union

Bank of Lithuania joins other Eurosystem banks in massive cash injection programme

The Bank of Lithuania, jointly with the European Central Bank (ECB) and other central banks of the Eurosystem as of 9 March is undertaking an expanded asset purchase programme. Under this programme, the central banks of the Eurosystem will buy bonds issued by euro area governments, agencies and European institutions in the secondary market, Lithuania’s central bank has announced. […]