The Best Places to Play Poker in Lithuania

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The card game poker is just as popular in Lithuania as it is in the rest of the world. Several famous poker players have hailed from Lithuania, including Tony G, who often appeared on the US TV shows Poker After Dark and PokerStars Big Game, and Matas Cimbolas, who has won millions playing poker professionally. If you enjoy playing the game yourself, you will find many casinos and poker rooms in Lithuania. But where are the best places? Let us find out.

Poker Tournaments

If you want to follow in the footsteps of famous Lithuanian poker players like Tony G, you will be interested in participating in poker tournaments. There are several regular tournaments available in Lithuania. The best is arguably at the Olympic Casino in Vilnius, which is the largest casino in the Baltics. You can play games like Five-Card Pot Limit Omaha and No-Limit Hold ‘em at Olympic Casino, and there are always various poker events happening. Some days you will find as many as four poker tournaments taking place.


Online Poker

Online casino gaming differs from one country to another. For instance, some states in the USA do not allow online casino gaming and in Finland, people are free to play games on a variety of foreign casino sites such as Kazoom. Legislation for online gambling came late to Lithuania, in 2016. Lithuanians can now enjoy playing games at a variety of online casinos. Of course, at the majority of online casinos, you can play a variety of poker games. In fact, seeing as you can play online poker anytime and anywhere, it is often a better option than visiting Lithuanian land-based casinos and poker rooms.

Casinos and Poker Rooms

If you do want to play poker at a physical establishment, there are plenty of places to check out in Lithuania. Here are three of the casinos and poker rooms that come highly recommended.


Olympic Poker Club

The Olympic Poker Club operates at three locations in Lithuania but the one in the capital of Vilnius is the best. You can play Texas Hold ‘em, Omaha, Five-card Omaha, and Crazy Pineapple. The poker club also runs some fantastic poker tournaments.

Casino Admiral

You will find five Casino Admiral venues in Lithuania. There are two in Kaunas and three in Vilnius. You can play games like Oasis poker and Russian poker, and there are lots of video slot games available too, so if video poker is your thing, head to Casino Admiral.


Nesė Casino

Out of the five Nesė Casinos in Lithuania, the one in the port city of Klaipėda is the best for poker players. In addition to the six card tables, three roulette tables, and thirty slot machines, there is a cosy VIP space where you can reserve a poker table and play in a quiet and ambient atmosphere. If you are looking for something livelier, the casino provides live entertainment. Also, the Nesė Whisky Bar is the perfect place to relax in between lengthy poker games.

Where You Cannot Play Poker in Lithuania

You should be aware that you cannot legally play poker for money in public anywhere outside of a licensed casino or poker room. So, cash games in pubs are strictly forbidden. If you want to play poker in Lithuania, stick to the licensed land-based establishments or online casino sites. Whether you want to be the next Tony G or you just like playing poker for fun every now and then, you have several options for playing various types of poker games in Lithuania.

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