The diary of a survivor in Kyiv. April 8

Photos from soldiers

“Irpin, Bucha, Gostomel are the places where the Russians committed war crimes. The first impressions from the Ukrainian soldiers”.

I am sure that the pictures of people shot just on the sidewalks, shot in the back of the head, or mass graves in Bucha, Irpin, and Gostomel travelled worldwide. There is no serious reason to explain why the Russian Armed Forces have to change their name to the Army of Orcs to a thoughtful reader. And it’s not about their dirty and homeless appearances but the gravity of crimes they committed, resembling very closely ugly creatures from Tolkien’s novels.

I contacted my friend from the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and asked him to tell me about the details of the Irpin, Bucha, and Gostomel liberation as he actively participated in this process. We met at the checkpoint situated on the way to Irpin. He was exhausted, not physically but psychologically.

He informed me that the whole initial plan in Kyiv was to let the Russians go as far as possible and then destroy their supply convoys and squeeze them out of the seized villages and towns. The Ukrainians also knew that the Orcs would try to land their “elite” paratroopers in Gostomel airport and got ready for that. It should be stressed that the Russians followed the Soviet military tactics patterns. They are not new for the Ukrainians. This tactic is quite simple: ignore the losses, and attack with huge tank convoys and land paratroopers for capturing the bridgeheads. But the Orcs added two new elements to their tactics: constant use of heavy artillery and terrorisation of the civilians. Nobody thought they would do that.

Photos from soldiers

Before the Orcs entered the suburbs of Kyiv, namely Irpin, Bucha, and Gostomel, they destroyed these towns with multiple launch rocket systems, howitzers, and mortars. When they settled themselves on the territories of these towns, the Ukrainian soldiers started to cut their supply chains and regularly attacked their advancing groups. The Orcs were trapped. They didn’t dare to withstand more than a month, and then they ran like rats from the sinking ship. These so-called soldiers who brag about the “invincible Russian spirit” and break a bottle over their drunk heads on Paratrooper’s Day are good warriors only and exceptionally if they wage war against unarmed men, women, the elderly, and children. The regular, well-planned, and organised ambushes of the Ukrainians intimidated them a lot. The Orcs stopped advancing and stalled in Irpin, Bucha, and Gostomel. The Russians could not overcome the Ukrainian Forces in a fair battle, so they took revenge against the civilians. 

When the groups of the Special Ops entered these towns, the first thing they saw were torn bodies of the people lying on the streets. Dozens of killed people. They all had bullet wounds. They searched the cellars and found hundreds of people hiding from the Orcs for not less than a month. The people were very frightened, shocked. They cried all the time. It was hard to see. The Orcs also robbed the apartments, garages, shops, and supermarkets. The Russians tried to take everything they could load into APCs. The other Special Ops group entered from the other direction and destroyed the Russian APCs with the stolen goods. The Orcs wanted to escape with carpets, tires, tablets, towels, wall clocks, forks, spoons, plates, and even a huge package of sanitary pads. Why do the soldiers of “the second strongest army in the world” need sanitary pads on earth? What for? Maybe the women in Russia don’t use sanitary pads? The most valuable things – the alcoholic drinks, the Orcs stored in their personal bags, along with rings, earrings, necklaces, and even gold teeth.

The Ukrainian soldiers found a bunker full of people. One of the men told them a story that may make your blood run cold. When the Orcs invaded Bucha, they started to go from bunker to bunker and searched every person in it. It was just taken away if they found money, watches, and cellphones. Also, they had some lists with names and surnames in them. If they found a man/woman there who took part in the Anti-Terror Operation in Donbas in 2014 -2018, volunteers or members of the territorial defence units, they shot these people at once. They checked even tattoos. If someone had a patriotic tattoo, he/she was shot to death too. The soldiers from the Special Ops found the room where the Orcs executed innocent people. There were eight bodies. Their hands were tied. The bodies were just frozen in the positions they had been executed in. It was only the first such place of execution they found in Bucha and Irpin. In fact, there were many of them. Later, the Ukrainian soldier found a little car Citroen C1 with the bodies of a young woman and her little child. She probably tried to get out of the city, but the Orcs decided she was a very dangerous threat and fired a volley of shots into her car.

The real values of the Orcs could be described by another story I was told by my friend. Because of the severe fighting in Irpin, Bucha, and Gostomel, there were a lot of corpses of the Russian Orcs scattered in the streets. But nobody took them away. They were still lying exactly at the places they had been killed. There were a few checkpoints in Bucha, where the Orcs were stationed, and the corpses of their comrades lay on the ground a few meters from them, along with empty boxes of MREs, bottles, cigarette butts, human waste. It’s just disgusting. When the men from the Special Ops saw such a scene, some of them started to vomit. Can you imagine that the living Orcs just lived and slept near their fallen comrades? Is this normal for a human being? The Ukrainian soldiers had to get out of the destroyed tanks, APCs, and some bodies of the Orcs. Their comrades who fled didn’t care and left them just right there. It’s real Russian nature. Zombies. Just try to understand this little fact about Russians. These medieval barbarians took the money, TVs, baby car seats, fans, pans, kitchen utensils, and toiletries. But there was no room for the bodies of their comrades. They took off even the shoes from their soldiers.

Instead of conclusions

A lot of people in Europe believe that it’s Putin who’s to blame for the unfolding war in Ukraine, not the ordinary Russians, so the sanctions should be lifted. Allegedly, the common people are not guilty. But Bucha, Irpin… It was not Putin himself who executed hundreds of the people there. The ordinary Russians killed all those innocent people. These “ordinary” people voted for him and created him. These “ordinary” people are happy to kill the Ukrainians because there is an asphalt road in every village, modern cars, smart houses, up-to-date devices, good food, fashionable restaurants, and supermarkets. All of the above are absent in the regions these Orcs live. They are just jealous and mad about that. That’s the reason they rob the houses of Ukrainians. They are very poor, and this poorness reigns inside of these “ordinary” Russians.

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