The Seimas adopts resolution about the shape of Democracy in Cuba

30 June 2021 at 15:30 Eastern European Time, the Lithuanian Parliament adopted a resolution, proposed by Emanuelis Zingeris, MP, on the massive terror by the Cuban government against the people of Cuba, according to a press release from the Seimas.

The Resolution was adopted with the results of voting: 82 votes in favour 17 abstain, participated in the Chamber 102 (total 141 members of  LR Parliament). Lithuania is the last country in the EU, which definitely refused to approve the European Union-Cuba economic accord.


Any economic agreements lifting the sanctions imposed on the Cuban regime are possible only after the regime takes clear steps in making concessions and responding to the demands of Cuban democrats to open prison gates for political inmates in Cuba.


It is important to stop interference of the Cuban security forces in Latin American countries, like Venezuela, and elsewhere. We cannot accept the Cuban war waged against pro-western democracies in Latin America.

The Resolution lists, name by name, some currently known political victims of the Cuban regime.


Emanuelis Zingeris, MP is senior ranking Lithuanian European politician, eight-time elected member of the Parliament since 1990, former multiple-time Chair of the Foreign Affairs and Human Rights Committees in Lithuanian Parliament, now he leads the Lithuanian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

Emanuelis Zingeris, MP said that ‘Our Central European and Baltic revolutions represented successful liberation of more than ten European nations from the Soviet communist empire. It is painful and difficult to witness the continuation of the Soviet-type communist dictatorships that seem to have frozen in time in Belarus, Chine, Russia and Cuba. After self-liberation of Ukraine, therefore, we should cement our world democratic community in order to facilitate the way for the liberation of other nations from communist totalitarian captivities and prepare for the World Democracy Summit declared by U.S. President Joe Bidden. Cementing solidarity among the democratic world is our priority’.

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