Truck jam at international ferry ports over Russia-Poland dispute

DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

Poland is refusing to allow trucks with Russian number plates into the country so the only way for drivers to get to Europe is by ferry from Klaipėda, Riga and other seaports, bypassing Poland. Most of the drivers are transporting goods from Russia to Western Europe.

The three or four kilometre long lines at the international ferry terminals formed about a week ago, with during the day the line sometimes only moving by two or three vehicle lengths.

“All our sailings are full now with 100% capacity. It is very difficult to find a space on board for the influx of trucks,” said DFDS Seaways Communications and Public Relations Manager for the Baltic region Maya Klumbys.

DFDS Seaways leaders were not hiding the fact that the Kiel company was no longer accepting new bookings and that much of accumulated truck traffic have to wait for weeks to get a sailing out of the port.

Klumbys said one solution could be for the truckers to use its Swedish line. “We have already ferried about 30 trucks with Russian numbers through this line to Sweden and then they drove through Denmark to Germany.”

A similar situation developed at Baltic international ferry terminals five years and then it took a couple of months before things returned to normal.


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