Ukraine needs medicines and sleeping bags, not weapons, says peacekeepers represetative

“I wouldn’t say that Ukraine now, first of all, needs weapons. We have enough weapons now and Ukraine is doing everything it can to ensure weapon supplies, we have plenty of resources. But, unfortunately, the prolonged chaos has lead to a situation when Ukraine’s military sector is now at the level of the middle of the 1990s, in terms of the system control, the communication system. And something has been done over the last decade only thanks to volunteers, people who care,” he told participants of a discussion at the Lithuanian Seimas on Tuesday via Skype.

In his words, as a NATO country, Lithuania could help Ukraine with the development of the control systems, especially logistics. And it could also provide medical assistance, especially psychological help to soldiers fighting separatists in eastern Ukraine.

The Ukrainian army also needs means of communication and simple things like sleeping bags and heaters, Grabsky added.

The Tuesday discussion on the ongoing war in Ukraine was also attended by Ukrainian Ambassador to Lithuania Valeriy Zhovtenko, Lithuania’s first post-independence leader Vytautas Landsbergis, film director and founder of the support organization Blue/Yellow Jonas Ohmanas and others.

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