Ukrainian Constitutional Court leader says no ground for invalidating Sunday’s elections

Ukraine's Supreme Rada
A.Koroliovo nuotr.

The Ukrainian lawyer said that the elections to the Supreme Rada would not be held in all of the country, but this should not render the results unlawful.

“Parliament took into consideration Ukraine’s complicated situation – the de facto annexation of Crimea, combat actions in progress in parts of Donetsk and in Luhansk. Both parliament and the president said that the territories beyond the control of the Ukrainian government will not hold the elections. Ukraine’s parliament includes 450 deputies but 421 will be elected this time. In territories controlled by Ukraine’s government, the parliamentary elections will proceed in accordance to the laws. Furthermore, there is the law on introduction of special governance. Consequently, the legal grounds for elections are in place,” Baulin told BNS.

Asked about the circumstances that would lead to rendering the election results unlawful or invalid, the lawyer said such circumstances are not observed.

Early elections to Ukraine’s Supreme Rada will take place on Sunday.

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