What is Lithuanian’s dream house?

“Economical housing commonly has an open-plan living room and kitchen of 30–50 square meters, bedrooms of 9–14 square meters, a big bathroom of 8 square meters, a guest bathroom of up to 2 square meters, technical facilities and hallway space takes 10–20 square meters. A common addition is a terrace facing the south–west direction. Car space normally has a carport with a pantry for bicycles, lawn mowers and garden tools,” says Donatas Berneckis, the company’s “Kriaute” project group leader.

According to him it is always advisable to build one-storey houses as they are much more comfortable. However, a popular choice is a single-storey house with an attic, which saves some property space.

“Before choosing what type of house to build, it is wise to take into account the type of houses that are in the neighbourhood, even though such concept is not yet popular in Lithuania. By choosing a mismatched type of house, the value of the entire neighbourhood decreases.”

“I have recently visited an exhibition of residential homes in Finland, where a typical American suburban district has been recreated, where all houses are different, however they all have a unison architectural style,” said the expert.

The exhibition also had popular interior design tendencies. According to Bereckis, the main feature was a fireplace as a centrepiece of every house.

“It is a logical solution, since a fireplace provides comfort and has a practical purpose, it can heat the house during a transitional period in autumn from October to November and in spring from March to April, when it is not worth switching on the heating system,” says Berneckis.

Translated by Laura Čeponytė

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