World-class architects present designs for business centre in Vilnius

Some world-renowned architects have presented their bids for a contract to design a multi-functional business centre in Vilnius. […]

Eros and Thanatos, stairs at the Writers Union in Vilnius   Photo © Ludo Segers @ The Lithuania Tribune

Discovering architectural gems during Open House Vilnius

Secret underground passages, hidden rooms, a nuclear bomb shelter in a theatre, an abandoned bank vault in a building dedicated to science; enough material to serve as backdrop for an intriguing movie. On a cold weekend in Vilnius, it was all part of a two-day opportunity to discover well-known and obscure buildings in and around the Lithuanian capital. […]

St. Peter and Paul‘s Church

Lithuanian church voted most beautiful Catholic church in world

Lithuania‘s St. Peter and Paul‘s Church in Vilnius has topped the list of the 16 most beautiful churches in the world. […]

Kaunas Central Post Office. Photo Wikimedia Commons

Kaunas interwar architecture awarded European Heritage Label

The European Union has awarded a European Heritage Label to the modern interwar architecture of Kaunas, Lithuania’s second-largest city. The decision was announced in the Official Journal of the European Union. […]

Danielis Libeskindas

Libeskind unveils designs for new leisure centre in Vilnius

The City of Vilnius, together with private investors and the world renowned architect Daniel Libeskind have revealed the design for Vilnius Beacon at the Liepkalnis Ski Hill. The project is a collaboration between the City of Vilnius and Daniel Libeskind to create a new tourist destination and aid in the transformation of the city as a centre of the Baltic region, the Vilnius City Council said. […]