With protest against Trump rippling across globe, support is expressed in Vilnius

Donald Trump support rally in the front of the US Embassy in Vilnius

“The USA elected a new president, we respect the Americans’ decision. We have to get used to the fact that Donald J. Trump is the new US President who we will need to call if we are faced with external threats. Instead of lashing out and criticising, let us seek ways to approach him, create relations,” member of Seimas Laurynas Kasčiūnas said in a support rally for the new president in front of the US embassy.

During the rally Kasčiūnas notes that it is not the whole world that is against Donald Trump, adding that “This is why we are here and are saying that there are friends of D. Trump in Lithuania, we can see American leadership in Europe and we continue to want it to remain a strong guarantee for European security, while D. Trump’s criticisms for NATO would shatter and we would reach a whole new level of strategic partnership.”


The member of Seimas stresses that it is important to let Trump know that we are allies and understand his desire to share the burden, thus the plans to raise defence spending to 2.5% of GDP in Lithuania is a message to the US president that we are not only allies, but are prepared to share the burden of European security.

“The essential message is that we can like him or dislike him, we can be of different ideological orientation, but we have to clearly understand that this is the leader of the Western world, a head of state and when we are threatened, we will be calling him and not those mass protesters marching against him. I believe the chaos related to his personality needs to end and we need to create normal political relations.


We invested too much into relations with Hillary Clinton, thought that she would win the elections and that was our major mistake. We started diplomatic investment into Mr. Trump too late,” the politician notes.

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